M30 CytoDEATH™ Monoclonal Antibody (ccK18) (Research Use Only) Cat. No. #10700

The M30 CytoDeath™ antibody distinguishes between necrotic and apoptotic cells with several disease entities. Therefore it's a unique tool in working out apoptosis very early or in advanced stages.
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M30 CytoDEATH™ (ccK18) Monoclonal Antibody (FFPE-grade)

Apoptosis induced by either death-inducing receptors or other stimuli leads to activation of specific caspases. Subsequently, apoptotic cells are eliminated by an intrinsic suicide program, resulting in DNA fragmentation, nuclear condensation, cytoskeletal reorganization, plasma membrane blebbing and loss of cell adhesion.
Keratin 18 (K18) is a type I intermediate filament protein and the major component of single-layer and glandular epithelial cells. It is expressed in most types of carcinomas such as lung, liver, prostate, breast and colon, whereas K18 is absent in lymphoid and neuronal cells and tissues. During apoptosis after initiation of effector caspases 3, 6, 7 and 9, K18 is cleaved into proteolytic fragments liberating neo-epitopes (NE) at the cleavage sites (ccK18, K18F).

K18 is cleaved by capases, liberating a neo-epitope (M30) that is specifically recognized by the M30 CytoDEATHTM monoclonal antibody. Specific proteolytic cleavage of K18 is an event taking place before disruption of membrane asymmetry and DNA strand breaks occur. Numerous studies confirm that M30 CytoDEATHTM antibody detects only apoptotic but not viable or necrotic cells. 

Application of M30 CytoDEATHTM antibody in immunohistochemistry (tested for FFPE and frozen sections) is apoptosis specific and whos superior reliability compared to TUNEL in conditions when DNA double-strand breaks occur independent of apoptosis and active caspase staining in inflammatory tissues or sites of regeneration.

The capacity of M30 CytoDEATHTM antibody in flow cytomery and immuno-histochemistry studies to distinguish between necrotic and apoptotic epithelial cells has been verified in several disease entities. 

Consequently, M30 CytoDEATHTM antibody represents a unique tool for easy and reliable determination of apoptosis from very early until well advanced stages in single cells and tissue sections of epithelial origin.

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