M65® ELISA (classic) Cat. No. #10020

The M65® ELISA is capable of measuring the amount of Keratin 18 that is released from the dying cells of many cell cultures that are from the extracellular compartment. The M65® ELISA offers the opportunity to quantify total cell death of K18 positive cells.
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M65® ELISA (Prod. No. 10020)

The M65® ELISA is intended for the quantitative detection of Keratin 18 (K18) present in cell culture supernatants, human serum, human plasma or other body fluids after it has been released from dying cells into the extracellular compartment. The M65 ELISA offers the opportunity to quantify total cell death (due to apoptosis and necrosis) of K18 positive (epithelial) cells.

The M65® ELISA when used in combination with the M30 Apoptosense® ELISA (which specifically measures apoptosis) allows to quantify and distinguish different forms of epithelial cell death as both assays are standardized against the identical reference.

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